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The first man-made Himalayan Salt Cave in B.C./ North Vancouver

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Salt Therapy involves a series of sessions in a man-made salt cave/room which reproduces the unique micro-climate found in a natural salt cave and salt mine. Studies done in East Europe, where this therapy has its roots, show a 90% success rate with children under the age of 7 in reducing dependence on medication and relieving symptoms and 70% success rate for adults.
Salt Therapy is a 100% safe, drug-free, non-invasive and can be used as a complementary treatment or as a sole treatment. Consult your doctor and ask if it can complement the treatment of your respiratory condition.


  • Asthma and mild COPD were the catalyst for my sessions at the Saltwonder Salt Cave in North Vancouver. I have had 10 sessions and have reaped remarkable health benefits. My sinuses, which usually give me trouble at this time of year, are less congested, as are my lungs. I am able to breathe more deeply, cough less and feel infinitely better in general. Each session is very relaxing and replenishing and I always breathe more easily when my session ends. The salt cave has been a very positive experience for me and I highly suggested it.


  • The place is immaculately clean. The "cave" is quiet, tranquil and beautiful with the soft glowing light through the gently hued pink salt bricks used in some of the structure. The music is perfect for the setting as is the sound of the waterfall, both relaxing to the senses. I experienced a deep peace and relaxation both times I went, and have recommended it for many people. I went because I was recovering from pneumonia and wanted to clear my lungs. I think it was beneficial for that, and for general relaxation and recovery.



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