What is Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)?

It is a natural therapeutic method based on Speleotherapy, which is prolonged exposure to the specific microclimate of salt caves and salt mines. Many countries, including Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Kirgizia, Romania, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, and Ukraine among others have Speleotherapy clinics. Salt aerosol plays an important role in the relief of health problems, and is used for patients with respiratory diseases.

How does Halotherapy work?

The modern Microclimate Aerosol Chamber uses state of the art technology to reproduce the atmosphere of the clinics located in salt caves or in special mines, and has a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air is ionized and saturated with a natural substance – low concentration of curative highly dispersed aerosol of NaCl (or salt). The therapeutic parameters (such as concentration, dimensions, and speed of salt aerosol particles and other remedial factors) are controlled and maintained by a microprocessor.

What conditions does Halotherapy relief?

Chronic bronchitis, sinusitis,
– breathlessness, chest tightness,
– cough (particularly at night or after exercise),
– mucus plugs, wheezing,
– colds and respiratory allergies,
– mucosal edema,
– bronchitis, adenoids, rhinitis, tonsillitis,
– pharyngitis, pneumonia after acute stage,
– bronchiectatic disease, respiratory infections,
– influenza, rhinosinusopathy,
– smoker’s cough (secondary smoke related symptoms),
– frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract,
– multi chemical sensitivity syndrome,
– allergies to industrial and household pollutants,
– eczema, psoriasis, and neurodermatitis…

Is Halotherapy safe?

Halotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, providing effective long-term relief. It can be used as a complementary treatment to prescribed medications or as a sole natural treatment. When Halotherapy is used as a complementary treatment, it can increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications, and decrease the amount prescribed.