Please note the following cancellation / missed appointment policy: A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments.

The following rules have been created for your safety and to allow all participants to take full advantage of a peaceful and relaxing time during the Halotherapy sessions.

We request you to follow the rules in the Salt Cave for yours and others’ comfort, well-being, and safety:

Arrive for your appointment ten minutes before the scheduled time. Waiver must be signed. 

  • In order not to disturb people enjoying their alternative therapy, nobody is allowed to enter the Salt Cave while in session.
  • We ask you not to leave the Salt Cave during session, only in case of emergency.
  • Do not use any perfumes, creams, lotions or any other substances that may produce a fragrance as they may have an allergic effect on another person.
  • Do not bring bags, purses or outdoor wear into the Salt Cave.
  • Shoe covers will be provided and must be worn in the Salt Cave at all times.
  • For hygienic reasons, please wash your hands before each session.
  • Use the rest room before the session starts.
  • Please, do not touch decoration or walls.
  • Do not throw salt, as it may irritate eyes.
  • Maintain verbal silence during session in the Salt Cave. Many people like to meditate or sleep.
  • No consumption of food or drinks is allowed in the Salt Cave.
  • Presence of a parent/guardian for children under 9 years of age is required for the duration of a session.
  • Refrain from bringing your children’s personal items to the Salt Cave, such as: toys, feeding bottles or other articles of that nature.
  • The Salt Cave and other areas of our facility are equipped with closed circuit cameras for your safety.