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Salt, Stress and balance

“In this chaotic fast paced world that we live in, the need for us to turn back to Mother Earth for healing is growing rapidly. Whether it’s floating in sensory deprivation pods, healing Reiki, Jade Stone or shell massage, whole food nutrition or specialized Brain Food, Nootropics we are all searching for a path to less stress and better health & balance.

Global Healing therapies are making their way into our backyards. One such therapy is Spelotherapy or Halotherapy. Its origins are steeped in Europe, but of course some of the worlds most recognized type of salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains, this is rock salt or halite from mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Himalayan salt has enjoyed a renewal in popularity &  can be found in natural healing lamps, in bath products and of course in some of the best recipes. However, getting over to Europe may not be on your agenda anytime soon…no need to worry, a trip over to North Vancouver is as far as you will have to go!”

The Salt Wonder Cave

As a member of the #YVRbloggers group we had the opportunity to experience this incredible healing treatment. My background is over 28 years in the Spa & Beauty industry & this is one type of treatment that I have not had. I love trying new healing  experiences to share with my readers, so was excited to try this out. Welcome to the Salt Wonder, this is an incredible space that took about 4 months to build. All the salt was imported from Pakistan & it took about 35,000 lbs of hand cut salt to create the space. As we stepped into the cave, the coarse salt almost hurt under my feet, but as I took in the space & deeply inhaled, that was quickly forgotten. The floors and all the walls are covered with beautiful pink sparkly Himalayan sea salt. The space resembles the inside of a ‘Glowing’ cave, soft pink and yellow lights bathed the space; whether you believe in the healing benefits of what the salt can do for you, it was undeniably calming & very serene! People often meditate in this space, which is perfect. Deep breathing is encouraged and the negative ions in the air help to relax & detoxify you.  We were encouraged to not engage in conversation, but to cozy up with a blanket & focus on our breathing & relax for 45 minutes. There was a delicate water feature on the far wall & I LOVED the instrumental jazzy, but yet soothing music that played in the background.  The main area is big enough for probably 10 people, all laying down on beach like loungers…think ocean side!

Salt as a healing therapy

In Europe this type of treatment is common place & highly recommended by medical professionals, to deal with health concerns such as Bronchial issues, breathing, sinus, allergies, asthma, colds and even cystic Fibrosis. This very simple, non-invasive natural treatment is safe enough for even very young children to enjoy and benefit from. Trust me you do not have to be sick to gain the benefits of the salt. The room is filled with a fine dry mist of the salt air, that when inhaled makes you feel more relaxed. As you inhale the particles it helps to clear your nasal passages & your slumber that night no doubt will be deep & restful. Frequent visits would be highly beneficial for those that need it, but I could go once a month !
There are two other rooms; one is the Nebulizer room where the room air is enriched with higher amounts of microscopic natural salt particles, this is a result of the atomization of Himalayan salt rich water solution. The second is a private room with a bed made from the beautiful pink salt, which you can lay on. This is great for people who have skin conditions, as our skin absorbs the minerals from the salt, healing our skin. As an added service, Reflexology can also be offered in the salt room.

Things to know before you go & my closing thoughts

The salt cave is a scent FREE zone,  you are asked to refrain from wearing perfumes, or anything scented. You are also not allowed to take anything into the cave, so leave your valuables at home, or in the car. {your purse too} I placed my car keys with my socks, shoes, in a closet. {As bloggers we did have our phones in there to take pictures, but Nuca, the owner frowns upon that!} Their location is awkward to get to, as it is tucked away in a hidden corner of a plaza, but there is free parking.  I found the owner to be knowledgeable, but he is not a warm & fuzzy kind of guy! Having said that, once you are in the cave, all the outside world seems to disappear! I loved the beauty of the space, the calmness that I felt & of course the opportunity to meet some of my fellow bloggers. Thanks to Nuca for having us, to Ricky for organizing the evening & to Alan Katowitz for the photographs. I would return again for sure, as I found the overall experience to be healing & relaxing. :)

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