Treatment of respiratory diseases by salinoterapie

Treatment of respiratory diseases by salinoterapie
Author: Dr. Cristina Calarasu, resident physician in pulmonary Babes Hospital Craiova

“Salinoterapia or Halotherapy is the process by which people inhale saline aerosol, with which treated various diseases, mainly respiratory diseases. Salinoterapia involving saline aerosol inhalation, and absorption through the skin saline aerosols (osmotic and diffusion processes), both mines of

In Romania we have nearly 20 natural saline (former salt mines) of the salt mine, the resort Prahova, the resort Moldova Ocnele, Salina Turda, Targu Ocna Cacica coastal Cojocna Ocna Sibiu Ocna Sugatag Ocna Mures, Rona above, but we also have many artificial saline as different sizes and designs which besides therapeutic advantage has other advantages, saving time and money, high thermal comfort and affordability.

Benefits were seen initially salinoterapiei empirically by those working in the salt mines, which have found that get sick less often. Later studies have been conducted have confirmed the effectiveness of this therapy. In Romania Dr. Bela Palfi has conducted research in the salt mine where he found a 87% improvement and healing following approximately 2,000 patients between 1952-1972.

In the respiratory therapeutics is considered saline aerosol concentrations above 1 mg / m³. Saline aerosol size between 5-10 μm is deposited on the upper airway mucosa and those under 5 mm reach the lower airways. Bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect salt and hygroscopic liquefy mucus in effect helping to ease its removal. Saline ions that are deposited on the respiratory mucosa local pH change, with direct alkaline action of bacteria and micro-organisms and pathogens by removing the irritant or inflammatory mitigate direct effects on the mucosa. Ions saline also decreased the number of neutrophils and bacteria and increase the number of alveolar macrophages, and stimulates the development of normal flora of the respiratory tract that serves as protection in case of future infections.

Salinoterapia is indicated in respiratory diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, cough, tobacco, chronic respiratory failure, chest malformations, pulmonary postoperative states, etc..) In ENT diseases (tonsillitis, otitis, adenoid, sinusitis, rhinitis, loss of sense of smell, etc..) for seasonal allergies, disorders of immunity, thyroid dysfunction, meteosensibilitate, insomnia / snoring cures mineralization. ions K, Ca, Mg, I, Br, are in small amount inside the halo chambers are also making a good inhaled mineralization at the cellular level.

Halotherapy contraindications where contagious diseases, where pulmonary mycoses in pulmonary tuberculosis in asmaticus status in hypertension grade III, in recent myocardial infarction, in hyperthyroidism and Basedow’s disease, epilepsy and diseases that cause loss of consciousness.

Duration of sessions differ depending salinoterapie saline. Generally in surface mines saline aerosol concentration is higher and, therefore, the duration of exposure will be reduced. An hour spent in a saline area equates to 4:00 spent in a deep saline. For the best therapeutic course of 12-18 sessions recommended repeated 2 times per year”.


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