At SALTWONDER, in our North Shore neighborhood, we brought you the Himalayan Salt Cave experience. We created a beautiful and functional space where you can practice breath work, yoga, meditation, or just relax, disconnect and recharge while you benefit from the respiratory support offered by salt therapy.
Contributing to this campaign you are helping us to further our mission, expand our services and create the very unique VITAL SALT ROOM.


Hello everyone!
I’m Nuca the owner of SALTWONDER-Himalayan Salt Cave in North Vancouver.
8 years ago I decided to create the first man made salt cave therapy facility on the west coast of Canada. The idea came to me during a visit to my native country Romania. On this occasion I revisited the Prahova Salt Mine, my childhood “sweet salt mine” as I like to call it. This is the place that I regularly visited with my parents during my childhood. My breathing was restored here and I was renewed with the joy of running, playing sports, dancing, and later relaxing, meditating and just disconnecting myself from daily stress.
In the spring of 2012, after 6 months of intense creative work using over 20 tons of Himalayan Crystal salt rocks, with much love and passion, three salt chambers were created: the Himalayan Salt Cave, the heated Himalayan Crystal Salt Bed and The Salt Nebulizer Room.
Since then, over 20000 people have visited Saltwonder.  Some of them came to benefit from a natural detoxification process, some to meditate or to attend Sound and Healing events, others to do yoga, stress management or just to relax, disconnect and recharge. Everyone has benefited from the respiratory support offered by the Salt Therapy or Halotherapy.
Now, 8 years later, we decided to reinforce our successful presence in the Lower Mainland by adding a new Vital Salt Area. This is a new holistic salt therapy experience, in a private setting, meant for an individual or a couple. 


Our Project – The Vital Salt Room 

In addition to approximately 7 tons of natural Himalayan Salt Rocks covering the walls and floor, the Vital Salt Room will be equipped with a Salt Infrared Sauna, the first Warm Dry Salt Bath Box, a Detox Herbal Salt Foot Bath, a Halogenerator and an Ultrasonic Salt Nebulizer device and a shower facility.

The Salt Infrared Sauna  

The benefits of the infrared sauna are well known. Bathing the skin in dry but relaxing infrared heat increases circulation, lymphatic flow, eases pain and stiffness, soothes the aches of arthritis and burns calories while you relax. To all these benefits the Salt Infrared Sauna adds the respiratory support benefits offered by the strong presence of negative salt ions in the breathable air which has immediate effects and induces an intense state of relaxation.

The Warm Dry Salt Bath Box

Wrapped in a thin sheet of cotton that allows the microscopic salt particles to pass through, immerse your entire body into the Warm Dry Salt Bath Box. Through your open pores the salt penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue and osmotic-ally attracts the pure biological water produced in the body, leaving you with profound hydration and increased collagen quality. 
The weight of the warm salt creates an effective calm-inducing amount of pressure on the entire body known as “pressure therapy.” This has been defined as the sensation produced when an individual is hugged, squeezed, touched or held. When such a pressure is applied to the body, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over and releases dopamine and serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitters of the brain. These hormones help with motivation, impulse control, attention, memory, social behavior, sleep and digestion. It is also known to stimulate parts of the brain that are responsible for sleep and production of melatonin.  Many people equate it to how they feel when they lay on a beach with their body buried in the sand!!!


Salt and Herbal Foot Detox Bath 

The 90 min “Vital  Salt Ritual” will end with a Himalayan Salt and Herbal Foot Detox Bath while enjoying a cup of tea!!! Immerse the multitudes of nerve endings in your feet into  a tub of salt and herbs and let them work their magic. It is a treatment with little  effort from you yet the effects are impressive. 
 Halogenerator & Ultrasonic Salt Nebulizer 
These are the two special designed devices that ensures the maintenance of a high level of the microscopic salt particles in the air during the session. They offer you the choice between a dry or a humid salt therapy session.