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Almost a decade ago, Saltwonder – Himalayan Salt Cave was created in the idea that, those interested, can benefit from respiratory support offered by Salt Therapy or Halotherapy. Now, more than ever, the salt antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal qualities can be of great use for all of us.
With increased attention on the virus, we want to let you know what we’re doing at Saltwonder to maintain a safe and clean environment for our guests and personal.
To ensure everyone’s health and safety we have implemented the following measures:
1 – We reduced the number of daily sessions by creating a buffer between each session. This will ensure extra time needed to clean and ventilate the salt rooms, the common area, bathroom and changing room, and will prevent guests who have finished their session from coming in contact with those who will start it.
2 – To encourage social distancing, we are limiting the number of guests on the salt therapy sessions.
The health and safety of our clients is our top priority which includes maintaining high standards for cleaning and sanitation, with a focus on sanitizing touch points to assist in minimizing the spread of the virus and contribute to the health and safety of those entering our business.
We strongly encourage you to do everything that you can on your end as well to prevent the spread of germs. If you are sick, please postpone your visit at the Salt Cave!
Our website and social media channels will be updated with any additional preventative measures that are instituted. Thank you and keep yourself healthy!

Saltwonder is a Scent Free Area. Appointment required!

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Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) – Alternative Natural Therapy for Allergies, Skin and Respiratory Illnesses

Salt Therapy / Halotherapy

involves a series of sessions in a man-made salt cave / room which reproduces the unique micro-climate found in a natural salt cave and salt mine. Studies done in East Europe, where this therapy has its roots, show a 90% success rate with children under the age of 7 in reducing dependence on medication and relieving symptoms and 70% success rate for adults.

 Salt Therapy / Halotherapy is a 100% safe, drug-free, non-invasive and can be used as a complementary treatment or as a sole treatment. Consult your doctor and ask if it can complement the treatment of your respiratory condition.

Salt therapy (Halotherapy) have been proved to be an alternative and natural treatment method for a large number of ailments in the recent past and is an ancient technique of treatment. The usage of salt cave alternative/natural therapy has been growing steadily. As every individual cannot afford to go to the natural salt caves and treat themselves, we have brought the Salt Caves to North Vancouver BC. Innovations and recent techniques in reproducing the natural environment of salt caves have made this possible. We have imported tones of Himalayan salt and built this unique and relaxing environment for you

We used over 40 000 pounds of pure Himalayan pink salt to recreate the healing micro-climate of a natural a salt mine/cave. Temperature (21 Celsius) and humidity (50-55%) are electronically controlled and a specially designed, last generation Halogenerator is used to disperse dry saline aerosol from the natural Himalayan rock salt; this guarantees maximum healing intensity and effectiveness. Dry saline generators are certified as medical devices in European countries, and are in use throughout Europe. Their use is increasing in North America with the escalating public interest in health.

Our SALTWONDER provides sessions ofSALT THERAPY / HALOTHERAPY  that benefit one’s health, physical and mental well being, as well as beauty. This procedure creates a curative effect on numerous breathing conditions and symptoms such as chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughs, wheezing, respiratory allergies, rhinitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colds, influenza, smoking related cough (secondary smoke symptoms). The sessions of salt therapy significantly reduce stress, anxiety, regulate sleep patterns, enhance concentration capacity, bring feelings of freshness, relaxation and satisfaction. The simulated salt cave microclimate retards skin aging, smoothes out wrinkles, reduces inflammation and acne.

Practicing breath work, yoga, meditation or just relaxing in the salt cave allows microscopic particles of pure sodium chloride to penetrate deep into the lungs and sinuses, cleansing them of excess secretions and environmental toxins.

Studies which demonstrate the efficacy of Salt Therapy / Halotherapy:

  • A very engaging experience. Cleared my sinuses and I slept like a baby afterward. The host was very informative and helpful. I would go again! June 21, 2016


  • It's an amazing place. I had been troubled with breathing problems lately. Went in there and sang (without coughing) all the way home. I will definitely (and have already begun) recommend to co-workers, friends, family with breathing & skin problems and stress. N.N It's very relaxing. January 16, 2016


  • I took my mother there because she has COPD and we had heard the salt caves are good for lung health. After one visit, she said the tightness in her chest that she has had for months has been greatly reduced. She has gone back 4 times now. She also said that she has had a toe nail fungus since 1997. She has put tons of creams and medications on it, and nothing worked. After 4 treatments at the salt cave, her toe nail is almost completely normal. What a great surprise! January 25, 2016


  • Experienced the Salt Nebulizer room with my partner and we enjoyed every minute of it. It was definitely an exotic type ambiance that was simply relaxing. The owner gave us a tour and we will definitely bet back to experience the Salt Cave therapy soon! Looks absolutely beautiful. March 14, 2016


  • Wonderful experience and the best is that is going to help my sinus problem. I highly recommend it. March 14, 2016

    -Salt Nebulizer Room

  • Great place to RELAX and MEDITATE. Takes a bit to get used to but breathing improves December 03, 2015


  • A very clean facility, welcoming and quiet, "a little bit of history" from the proprietor, then shoes off, extraneous items tucked away safely, and *voila*...a lovely PINK Himalayan ROCK salt lined room, and with toes scrunching through the rock salt, to my 'lounge recliner', got comfy, and what seemed like ten minutes later(it was 45) I sensed, then heard "good morning"...I had fallen deliciously asleep. refreshingly quieter breathing(a bonus). I will definitely return. December 23, 2015

    -Salt Therapy – Himalayan Salt Cave North Vancouver

  • The North Vancouver Salt Cave is really hidden in the corner of a very tiny mall. Their signage is very small and difficult to see from the road. However, once you find it, the experience is worth searching for. The owner is very friendly and willing to chat with you about the healing effects of the salt because he is very passionate about that. December 31, 2015

    -The North Vancouver Salt Cave

  • Spent 45 glorious minutes in the cave today. I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed! I will definitely be back with my wee ones to see how they like it. Thanks for the great experience SaltWonder! Elle Dee Hawryluk

    -Spent 45 glorious minutes

  • Lacey Harrison — Went to Saltwonder for a birthday treat and immediately felt the difference in the air and had a very relaxing experience overall. Much care and thought has been put into this place and if I wasn't on a short trip from England I'm sure I would be a regular visitor. Lacey Harrison

    -Went to Saltwonder



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